“Take control of your menopause…..don’t let it control you!”

Menopause is a topic that has been of incredible interest to me both personally, and professionally, for many years now. The ability to talk, suggest and support as an educated professional on the subject inspired me to get learning! As did Meg Matthews, Dr Newton and Alice Hart Davis who I follow religiously on Instagram because they bring a realness to an often-taboo subject that affects millions of women. Irrespective of your profession, culture, financial or celebrity status……we are all in the same boat with the menopause!

I have studyed the topic intensively for the last 3 years to understand exactly how it affects women mentally, physically and socially. I have now completed my BSc(Hons) and will finish my module on Menopause Health in early Autumn 2022. Why? My aesthetic patients are either peri, pre, menopausal or coming out the other side and naturally discuss their menopause with me during treatments so I wanted to be in a qualified position to advise ladies in two different capacities.

My goal is to open a female lead Menopause Clinic, as female health is very underrepresented for females experiencing menopause, and needs more staff qualified in this realm.So, watch this space!

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What do I think works? Whatever works for you works; it is as simple as that really.

HRT, Supplements, Alternative Therapies, Menopause Specialists, GP, Exercise, Counselling Groups, Talking, Read around it, Socialising – there is no one size fits all I’m afraid it’s what suits you and it’s often trial and error and you really aren’t alone ladies.

Please talk to each other, it feels liberating….

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Emepelle Improves Estrogen Deficiency in the Skin. Breakthrough skincare innovation to help restore the natural radiance Estrogen Deficient Skin loses during perimenopause and menopause. Low estrogen levels lead to 30% loss of the skin’s collagen in the first 5 years of menopause and 2.1% loss each year thereafter. This can result in skin atrophy, wrinkling, thinning and of course, dryness.

Emepelle is the first and only clinically proven skincare line that safely and effectively addresses the root cause of estrogen deficiency in the skin to demonstrate a visible improvement in skin health and appearance.


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