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‘’Creating a fresher, less tired, younger looking YOU…..’’

As an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, I rejuvenate, revive and refresh faces with non-surgical treatments. I have over 16 years of qualified, educated and hands-on experience, combined with my unquestionable passion and commitment, ensures that all treatments are not only tailor-made but appropriate, realistic, sustainable and safe.

As a medical professional, I have set the bar high by pioneering and performing leading, proven and game-changing treatments on hundreds of patients over almost 2 decades. My ethos is to create a younger looking ‘you’ through step-by-step rejuvenation – tweakments seems to be the new buzzword in the industry and I can’t agree more! A little here, a little there……subtlety, reinvigorating, refreshing and reviving tired and jaded appearances in a complimentary and natural manner remains my mission.

My faithful patient base feels safe in the knowledge that they are in the hands of a medical practitioner who is fastidious about up to date training to remain at the top of my game. Practicing from my “Mini- Clinic” within my home ensures discretion and privacy – something that my patient’s value.

Wendy Jayne Beresford-Mayhew RGN, INP

Simply creating a younger looking ‘you’…


Treatment Plans

Your Twenties

Although we don’t realise it, our skin is at its best in our 20’s-30’s. I hope that with all the social media and beauty bloggers we now have a generation of girls who are taking good care of their skin. I can only pray you haven’t fallen foul of unscrupulous practitioners who have over inflated your lips and over done any botox……

Look after your skin ladies!  Have a small amount of gentle Botox in your late 20’s to prevent any wrinkles that are forming from becoming static lines and taking up a permanent position on your face!
My suggestion for you is keep it natural and embrace your youthful bloom. Wear SPF daily to protect your face. Always wash away daily grime and make up before tumbling into bed…. regardless of who’s in it!!
Don’t forget to moisturise!!

Your Thirties to Forties

Maybe you are married with a family, possibly divorced or even re-married! From early 30’s to late 40’s so much can happen in your life….
By now though I am sure that you are becoming comfortable in your own skin? I certainly hope so! You have more than likely dabbled in Botox and filler, possibly surgery which is fine.
If you have been a patient of mine for long enough you are probably using the preventive measures I try and drum into you! Hopefully you are using a moisturiser from the Environ range and reaping the benefits of using daily SPF. There is now no debate about it and retinoids do work. “As well as SPF, Retinoids are the No 1 gold standard of anti-ageing,” I hate to be the one to say I told you so!!
Aesthetically wise you are getting away with having 3 area’s or more of botox, some filler possibly lips and cheeks… and looking fabulous.

Your Fifties and beyond

Probably our most confident years – or at least they should be! As Robbie Williams sang; ‘ýouth is wasted on the young’. By now we know what works for us in terms of our style, and we should have learnt to accentuate our best features and to not get hung up about the parts of us we don’t like! Look at supermodel Lauren Hutton, who, at 75, is the face of a global skin care brand proving you can be beautiful at any age.

Aesthetic treatments really come into their own now and can completely rejuvenate you. I know I constantly say it but at this life stage less really is more. Tweakments are the way to go rather than having drastic and obvious work done that will actually have the reverse affect and make you look older because its looks unrealistic and unnatural.

Maybe the dreaded menopause has started and your collagen and oestrogen levels have dropped drastically majorly affecting your skin,boy do we miss that Oestrogen!! Good quality supplements will help, and if you choose the HRT route you should see a big improvement in your skin – as well as your general wellbeing and sanity! I have personally found the Menopause very challenging.

So here’s to 50 and upwards and the confidence and virtue that comes with it…


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